Sexing up machines or machining up sex?

Sexing up machines or machining up sex?
Honey Thief by I Guyjin.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Love in the Ruins.  Looks like a Luis Royo work to me.

So, who am I today?
Here's lookin' at you kid. Will this head do for today or do I need to portray another persona. I did so like 'Bicentennial Man' and the drive to become more. Get it? Machine - drive. Are we going that way? Do we want our machines to be more human or still a bit robotic? 

It could be safer to have sex with a human copy rather than the real thing and soon you won't be able to tell. Bit far-fetched? Maybe, but how long before the lonely find love with a machine/android who would always protect them and never hurt them?  
How long before you morph into your own avatar with your perfect companion by your side? 
The coin is spinning on its edge.   
Cheers, B. Cameron Lee


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  1. Hey Bruce: I heard a news investigation into the affect of technology, specifically text messaging and social networks, on marriage. It seems the anonymity of sex-ting creates opportunities for infidelity in people who normally lack whatever it takes (guts? thrill-seeking personality?) to cheat on a spouse or significant other. I wonder how long it will be before technology creates a virtual sex partner who won't kiss and tell . . . .