Sexing up machines or machining up sex?

Sexing up machines or machining up sex?
Honey Thief by I Guyjin.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Will the REAL Femmebot please stand up.

Playbot Cover by Shinjuchan
 Okay, this is going to be a little longer than usual so I will start with a joke.

This version by Akatsukir.
I put my hand up! This blog is written from a male perspective but I believe the underlying philosophy will hold true for both sexes. I trawl through pictures of femmebots, androids, cyborgs etc. trying to understand the trends in thought. I also follow actual robotics and the advances there.The breakthrough will come with AI and apparently AI will be as smart as humans around 2020.
(2020 vision?). 

The question is:-
- What characteristics would you want in a 'personal' robot as opposed to a worker?
- remember that greater sophistication costs more.

I will answer that question. I see 'personal' bots, which includes secretarys, PA's, bodyguards, salesbots and companions as being  virtual human copies, with companion bots being the closest to 'real'. Although the mystique of plates and hard chrome exteriors shout exotic, in reality they would be very uncomfortable to interact with closely. Much work is presently being done in the area of facial expressions in bots.
Worker bots, i.e. those doing mundane chores or tasks which are routine or dangerous for humans, generally need to be made more robust and have no requirement for human style movement or faces. This will reduce production costs. There are some people out there who see this type as companion bots. 
I try to understand but my vacuum cleaner has never looked attractive. 

Below are two pictures of the body types currently available for silicon Real Dolls (See previous blog). This is how I imagine ordering your personal companion robot will be like in the future. The trouble is, how can I illustrate companion bots if they are built to resemble humans?

The following are ideas and art found on the Web.

By Brom.

To Serve and Protect Pt 1 by Mr Marcus.
You can see that some people have given this a lot of thought as the example below illustrates. It is very clever.
Surr 2 is all I know.
Finally, here are some pictures of femmebots graduating to the other end of the spectrum, including another question. Will pimping sexbots be illegal?

Tron Mother.

Orimage 1.

Joybot by Lee Davies


Another Sorayama San bot.

Supply and Demand.
I am currently writing a book where these questions and more crop up.
The next post will deal with the position in society of the various castes of bots.
For some interesting free books to read and more thought provocation,

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