Sexing up machines or machining up sex?

Sexing up machines or machining up sex?
Honey Thief by I Guyjin.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Brief Interlude - Reality Bites

It has been a while since I've posted so I thought that I might illustrate a touch of reality. Horrible things happen in a lot of the Fantasy genre but they are only words for a lot of people.
Here is some of the real world. 
All cattle in this blog.

We were discussing large boobs. This is what happens when the support ligament lets go.

Origins of legends. This malformation occurs in people too! 

Aborted at seven months gestation. (Out of nine and a half months.)

A real Cyclops. One cell went to the wrong place as an embryo.

Greed. Lets put a large bull over a small cow. The result killed the cow and the calves. Her body couldn't cope. The foreshortening effect is not that great. She was a small cow to start with. Yes, they did come out of there!

A loss of three rather than a profit.

Sometimes Nature gets it wrong. The following is known in humans too!
This is a Schistosomus reflexus also known as an 'inside out' calf. 
It is alive when the mother tries to give birth to it.

So, in the picture below, there is a calf and something more hanging out of the back of the cow.
What is it?

If you guessed an inside out uterus - you would be right.

It went back in and she survived.

Finally, just so the boys don't feel left out, the mess a papilloma virus can cause to the end of a penis. It is a sexually transmitted disease which, I believe, has its human equivalent.

 The next posting will be back to the world of Make Believe.
This year I intend to rewrite 'True Fire' - It is sword and sorcery trilogy but needs a bit more detail of its world added for the reader. 
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