Sexing up machines or machining up sex?

Sexing up machines or machining up sex?
Honey Thief by I Guyjin.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fantasy Can Be Heavy Going.

Hello Again. I read quite a bit of Fantasy and enjoy the art on the Web associated with the genre. I tend towards the female form as you may have noticed. Unfortunately, I also have a streak of realism which sometimes destroys the appreciation of many Fantasy stories and artwork. For this blog I've grabbed a few photographs from the web to illustrate a couple of points.

No info came with this picture.
Anyone out there had the pleasure of hefting a broadsword? They are not light and to actually wield one with meaning takes a bit of muscle. Quite a bit! Harder by far than chopping wood - as you don't often have to defend yourself  from a tree. These pictures are an exaggeration of the muscle mass required to handle a large sword easily as fitness also has a lot to do with swordplay. Just as an aside, while writing a Fantasy novel, I did some research into drawing a sword over my shoulder from a sheath carried on the back. My arms are quite long but the comfortable limit is about 70cm (28 inches) of blade length, far less than a lot of the swords depicted in the fantasy genre.

Teen Muscle Girl by edinaus

Lenda Murray - Ms Olympus heaps of times.
Besides carrying a sword, a lot of the female heroines are depicted in armour. It is not made of carbon fibre and would most likely weigh in at around 35kgs (75 lbs) plus the steel helmet which would also require well developed neck muscles. This doesn't include the necessary padding which has to be worn beneath the steel to protect against chafing. In fact, in the olden days, when a knight canned off his horse, life became immediately fraught with danger. So, we have a heavy sword and armour which together weigh a considerable amount. It would take a well developed body to cope with them.

Africa 1009

Asian Muscle Girl by punkroiber
So, are our heroines built for this sort of warfare in the stories and comics? Only a few. 
Perhaps this is why it is called Fantasy.

Female Muscle 19 by BigDane
The above picture illustrates a more extreme version of muscle building and someone built like this would tire easily but require less blows with a sword to inflict a lot of damage. Below are a few pictures of fantasy female warriors who fit the bill of build versus purpose.

Barbarian Woman

Barbarian diablo 3
Now, I admit, I have purposefully omitted the style of weapons from the East which are far lighter and more easily used, along with a different skill set. That could appear in another blog.

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