Sexing up machines or machining up sex?

Sexing up machines or machining up sex?
Honey Thief by I Guyjin.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

True Fire Book 3. The Q'Herindam

Well here it is, at last! I'm tempted to say the final book but it isn't. Although it rounds out the story on one land mass, there's the rest of the world to consider and like this planet, trouble occurs in more than one place. I already have vast swathes of a story floating around. It will bring back some or most of the protagonists from this trilogy. True Fire Book 3. The Q'Herindam available soon.
The Dominion is no more but as the Lands return to peace, the Q’Herindam implement an insidious plan to poison the hearts and minds of those in power and weaken the populace. Ch’ron, the Darkwood which supports the M’Herindar is dying, also a victim of the Q’Herindam. Arwhon learns where he might locate the Firemagic he desperately needs to fight the Q’Herindam and seeks out the Dwarves under Mehgrin’s Wall. Kuiran sails to Wyalon on Jalwynd to discover his true heritage while the Servant learns important life lessons from Merdon in Belvedere. This exciting third volume of the True Fire series follows Arwhon, his Shield, Arm and Servant as they embark on separate, exciting adventures culminating in momentous magical events.   

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